Dry Ice FAQ

Is our dry ice food grade?

  • Yes, our dry ice is manufactured to food grade standards and is safe for direct contact with food and beverages.

How to handle and store dry ice?

  • Dry ice should be handled with gloves or insulated tools to avoid skin contact. Store in a well-ventilated area or a cooler with adequate ventilation.

How long does dry ice last?

  • Dry ice typically lasts for 24-48 hours depending on the storage conditions and usage.

What is the minimum quantity order?

  • The minimum order quantity for dry ice is 1 bag.

What are the delivery options and costs?

  • Delivery costs range between $26.55 to $44.25, depending on the delivery location and order size. For more details, please check our shipping information page.

Returns and exchanges policy:

  • For information on returns and exchanges of dry ice products, please visit our Returns & Exchanges section on the website.