Crushed Ice


Crushed Ice


crush ice

✔︎  Size - 1/4 pebble
✔︎  Availability - next day
✔︎  Packaged - bag of ice, portioned in a larger hospitality size polybag
✔︎  Applications - bakeries, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, fresh produce & seafood displays
✔︎  IPIA Approved - All of our packaged ice manufacturers adhere to the strict safety, quality, and sanitation guidelines set by the International Packaged Ice Association. 

Read more about our food grade certifications here

Crushed Ice does two things to your cocktail: cools it down and dilutes it. Dilution is not always a bad thing. research has shown that a little bit of water actually opens up some spirits, by emphasizing some aromas and masking others resulting in perfect Mojito’s.